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Laser                                               Nd: YVO4 or Nd: YAG   Diode-pumped solid state laser up to 5W

Wavelength                                    532nm

Optical frequency shifting            Crystal-controlled, specified per applications
Velocity components                    Up to 3 orthogonal components

Measurement volume                   30 μm or greater


Typical velocity uncertainty          0.4% of particle speed​
Typical velocity range                    -600 m/s < U < 600 m/s, up to -1,400 m/s < U < 1,400 m/s 

Minimum velocity measurable     < 1 mm/s 
Stand-off length                             32 mm typical, others available
Optical head size                           110 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm, other sizes available



AUR Inc.

​The SM3LDV draws upon successful research in developing sub-miniature LDV systems to produce a very high resolution three-velocity component probe. Uncertainties are maintained at very low levels in this multi-axis optical design. Probe dimensions smaller than compact digital cameras are achieved in this innovative design.

​The SM3LDV is ideally suited for situations with limited optical and hardware access.

Complex 3D flow diagnostics;
- Automotive tests such as in-cab defroster measurements
- In-flight tests
- Velocity measurements for turbine blade cooling models
- High-speed testing
- In-model probe mounting for probe/model vibration coupling
- Turbulence research

Our SM3LDV is a complete solution including turn-key support photonics hardware and data acquisition and processing hardware. AUR- developed software including data acquisition, processing, and post-processing software allows you to quickly obtain results for your application. AUR also has sub-miniature traverse systems for one-, two-, or three-axes of motion for your SM3LDV.