AUR Inc.

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AUR introduced specialized data acquisition systems to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Our systems feature all PC-based operation for ease of use and integration. We also develop robust signal processing software for flow signal post-processing as well as LDV burst signal processing, AURSTUDIO.

· Four-component burst processor
· Proven Doppler frequency measurement algorithms provide lowest possible          uncertainties for noisy signals
· Automatic burst detection algorithm
· Time-stamped outputs
· Signal validation outputs for post-processing
· Synchronization options available
· Up to 1GHz bandwidth for high speed flows
· Frequency-domain filtering option
· Up to two electronic channels standard
· Optional additional channels available
· User-configurable interface and modular functionality through XML profile script
· User-defined modules may be implemented for processing or post-processing
· LabVIEW support available

· ~100Hz/(m/s) data rate for a well seeded flow